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The Starport is a complete residential model, solar electric carport.  The carport framing system measures 10ft wide by 12ft.  Originally designed as a shelter to recharge electric vehicles, at 6.5' tall it is just about large enough for any vehicle.  


Founded in 2001 in Hollister, CA, Blueline Power matches clean, abundant, readily available resources with current technologies.  Focused on economic value, environmental conservation, and community involvement, Blueline Power wants to help Americans achieve personal freedom from skyrocketing energy prices and also wants to help America restore it's own independence from imported oil.  Go Blue, Save Green.

Solar electricity, the most sustainable and economical alternate energy, is now more accessible than ever with the introduction of the Starport.  This single car residential carport supplies about enough electricity to offset 75% of the electrical usage for the average American home. 

Solar Carport in Hollister, Starport Solar system Installation


Quail Buildings has been designing carports, garages and sheds since 1999.  There is no project too large or too small, too simple or too complicated.  If you want a standard size or a special custom design, Quail Buildings has the resources and the experience to get you the attractive, high-quality building or carport you require.

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